Selected Works

These aren’t an exhaustive list of things I’d like to show off, and they aren’t presented as nicely as I’d like, but the day is short and there is much to build.

Sites and Applications


An analytics service for location data. Uses Django and Tastypie to provide a RESTful API. The client-side application is powered by Backbone with Marionette, and is written primarily in Coffeescript.


A visualization of Tel Aviv’s municipal bike sharing program. Custom mapping layer generated with Tilemill and served up with Tilestache. The voronoi overlay on the map was generated using d3.js. This was also a great opportunity to experiment with pjax.

The Polyglots Project

A visualization of GitHub’s most prolific and interesting users: the ones committing to top repositories in multiple languages. Still very much a work-in-progress, I presented the project together with Dana Bauer at Pycon 2013. Data was collected and processed using Python and a small army of EC2 instances, Heroku dynos, and MongoDB. The presentation is pure HTML with d3.

Graphic Design

I’ve designed identities and branding for various conferences and businesses in my time. My Dribble contains a lot of samples, but here’s a few:

Djangocon Europe 2011 Logo Djangocon US 2011 Logo PyOhio 2011 Logo Djangocon US 2012 Logo Djangocon US 2013 Logo PyCon US 2012 Logo PyCon US 2013 Logo


I collaborated with Rob Hudson to design the current look of the Django Debug Toolbar. It was one of my first forays into open-source web development, and I'm rightly ashamed of how it looks now, but still.

I was the original author of OAuthLib, a generic, spec-compliant, thorough implementation of the OAuth request-signing logic for Python. The project was intended to bring first-class support for OAuth to Requests, and it succeeded so well that others have taken the torch from me and have grown it far beyond my initial itch-scratching.