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Hi there! I’m Idan.

I’m one of those weird designer/developer “full stack” hybrids. I make things for the web; sometimes it’s pixels, sometimes it’s code, sometimes it’s both. I heart Python and Django, an affair that has gone on long enough that I’m now a member of Django’s core developer team. I’m a particularly rabid fan of anything at the intersection of engineering and design, like data visualization.

I often speak to groups of one stripe or another about how the other half works. There’s a false dichotomy between these disciplines; engineers and designers alike would benefit from knowing a bit about what their counterparts do and how they do it. Whenever my talks get recorded, I throw them up on my Lanyrd profile.

The best way to get in touch with me is via my Twitter, .

Here are some other places where I share things:

If you really must send me an email, it‘s


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