So, in addition to giving two talks at PyCon 2012, I also had the pleasure of designing some of their branding this year:

Edit: I did not design their website—which I love. All credit for that goes to the awesome folks from Eldarion.

I often get asked how I go about creating these things, so this time I decided to record my work, start to finish. All told, this project was about 7 hours in Adobe Illustrator, and another two or three hours sketching and brainstorming. With playback at 30x, the video below clocks in at 14 minutes.

If you’ve ever wondered how the design sausage is made, look no further! Note the vast amount of time spent iterating, trying things out, seeing what works and often discarding things that don’t. It sucks to discard work you’ve spent time on, but that’s really just the nature of the beast, and better to fail early and try something different than keep beating a dead, er, snake.

TL;DR it turns out that design is a lot of work, just like code.

Apologies, but the embedded video won’t scale down to smaller screens, mainly because I was too lazy to figure it out. You can view the original video here.