Hi there.

I’m a designer/developer hybrid living in Tel Aviv San Francisco. I extract meaning from data at Heroku.

I’ve been a core developer and lead designer for the Django web framework since 2011. I’m also a committer on Requests, and I’m active in various FOSS communities as both a developer and a designer.

I often speak at conferences about subjects at the intersection of engineering and design. I delivered a keynote address at Djangocon US 2011 about designers and open source projects. There’s a list of my talks further down this page.

I designed the visual identities for various years of PyCon and DjangoCon. I'm proud to have helped organize these conferences and many local meetups, as well as mentoring startups as part of Google Campus TLV.

Since 2014, I have been at Heroku, as the founding/lead engineer of the Data UX team. In that role, I was responsible for building data.heroku.com — the human interface to Heroku’s data products — from its first line of code. Owing to a lack of dedicated product and engineering managers, I often found myself wearing those hats for our team.

In 2013, I built Pushpin, an analytics service for location data. I also taught interaction design at the Shenkar School of Engineering and Design here in Tel Aviv.

In 2011–2012, I invested all my energy in Skills, which was a tool for modern software companies looking to understand their candidates in ways that resumes weren’t designed to do. It visualized candidate activity to provide a useful, humanizing snapshot of developers. It didn’t work out, but I’m still keen on getting back to it when the right moment presents itself.

I’ve collected a few of my favorite works and designs. Check out my CV if you’re curious about more things that I’ve done. Also, here’s more about me and my other online activities.


The Sorry State of Native App Typography Licensing
Designing Presentations
UI/UX and Subjectivity
Selective Outrage
Image Format Inertia
Twitter’s poor API documentation practices
Nonrendering elements in D3.js
Cobbler’s Children…


Data Visualization with D3 and Web Standards

at HTML5Fest 2012. Lecture in Hebrew, slides in English.

The Lonely Planet Guide to F/OSS Communities

at Open Source in the Holy Land

Better Products Through Typography

at UX Israel Meetup

Sketching a Better Product

at Pycon US 2012

Data, Design, Meaning

at Pycon US 2012

HTML5 Semantic Elements

at HTML5Fest 2011. Lecture in Hebrew, slides in English.

Keynote: Designers Make It Go to Eleven!

at DjangoCon US 2011.

One Size Fits All: Responsive Web Design with Django, Compass, and the Less Framework

at DjangoCon Europe 2011.

CSS Extenders: Sass, Less, and Compass

at PyWeb-IL 27.

Design for Developers: Making Your Frontend Suck Less

at DjangoCon Europe 2010.